Messaging and Strategy for Mega Bids

Writing. Coaching. Training. Directing.

“My sales teams were underperforming. Poor proposals and inadequate understanding of client requirements.. Dan and the team helped us using simple techniques focused on the client first. Has it worked? You bet. Win rates are up.”

- Christine Wyatt, IBM GBS General Manager


Digital Advisory

Position & Strategy

“I’m deeply impressed by the way Proposo structured their programmes. Once we had our story and strategy, we could really drive some amazing results.”

- Ewan MacLeod, Chief Digital Officer, Nordea Bank


Your 10x Plan & Your Brand Story

Helping a telco turbo boost growth

“Proposo is like rocket fuel for sales. Win rates go up. They approach growth from the customer perspective, lining up sales and marketing to ensure the brand position is a promise that is met.”

- Tim Davies, CEO - IDNet

Virgin Money

Digital Transformation

“Proposo was able to take a complex product, turn it into a simple story with a great commercial plan – and implement it.”

- Iain Gibbons, Customer Director, Virgin Money

We have worked with some of the biggest tech brands in the world